How would your life be different if you had more confidence?

Hi there,

I’m glad you’re here. We haven’t met yet but I feel like I know you already. That’s because my work is inspired by people like you (and me).

Busy people who are functioning well but may be holding themselves back from being authentic or achieving more. People who tend to worry about what others think. They may be overwhelmed but question how they’re spending their time.

I describe my business as confidence coaching. Confidence is a big topic and includes many skills. 

In 9 years of coaching, clients have come to me when they're looking to:

  • Sort through their thoughts
  • Learn tools to handle fear, anxiety and self-doubt
  • Feel as put together as they appear
  • Handle difficult people at work or home
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Figure out what really matters
  • Find meaning and purpose 
  • Get clear on how to spend their time
  • Go from "What will people think?" to "Who do I want to be?"
  • Laugh more

Each 50-minute phone session is $107 via PayPal or Venmo. Book a session here. I then will be in touch with more details.

Your approach to confidence is very innovative and groundbreaking/paradigm-shifting."

-Kim, lawyer in Ontario, Canada