Feeling stuck in a relationship or looking to better the one you’re in? Let’s talk.

Relationships matter.

If I asked you what is most important in your life, I bet relationships would come to mind.

Relationships are one of the most important parts of life but can be one of most difficult.

Relationships test and try us and have a way of bringing up the stuff we would rather not look at.

But we can choose to use relationship struggles as a gateway to growth.

Challenges with your partner, toddler, teenager, co-worker, or yourself, can bring up painful but perfect opportunities to remove blinders, look at your triggers and automatic reactions, and crack the coding that keeps you captive.

My coaching provides time and guidance to lift the hood and understand the programming and routines that run the show. With this insight, you can take action to manage your emotions and change your behavior to disrupt unhelpful patterns (even if people in your life don’t change).

Perfectionists and people-pleasers in particular need guidance in clarifying their own needs, practicing assertiveness and setting boundaries.

You get to decide whose life this is - whether’t it’s yours or it is driven by the thoughts and feelings that are programmed into you. Taking such responsibility helps you to be the person you want to be.

If you’re ready to build healthier relationships with others and yourself, let’s talk.

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Maura Captain can sail you directly from a sense of being lost or stumped to being found and free. Practical, mystical, hilarious, and unfailingly kind, Maura is just the kind of coach I go to when I need hope and insight. Let her guide you awhile, and you'll learn how to steer your own life better than you thought possible. - Martha Beck