I help people pleasers, perfectionists and high achievers feel as put together as they look.

Does your life look likes it’s going well? Perhaps you have a good job, a loving family, friends. You’ve checked all of the boxes of requirements for a good life.

But you don’t feel great? Anxiety and discontent are daily visitors (even if you’d rather not host them).

It’s the kind of suffering that allows you to pretend that everything is ok, but it’s enough to drive you crazy.

You really want to sort it out, feel better and get some direction.

My clients are women who are really good at performing, pleasing others, following rules and meeting expectations. They like control and certainty.

But they can only outsmart life for so long.

They want to understand and manage their minds. They want to be physically and emotionally healthy. They want to learn strategies to be less stressed and anxious for their partners, their kids or their work.

They want to use their gifts and makes their lives meaningful.

And, they just want to relax about life.

If this sounds familiar, let’s talk.

Each 50-minute phone session is a $107 investment in yourself via PayPal or Venmo. Book a session here. I then will be in touch with more details.

Looking for an introductory package with a special rate? You need The Essentials Package.

Want to know more? Check these FAQs or e-mail me: maura@blueprintlifedesign.com

Are you wrestling with a problem? 

Would you like to see that it's really a chance to reach levels of joy and satisfaction you've never experienced before?

Maura Captain can sail you directly from a sense of being lost or stumped to being found and free. Practical, mystical, hilarious, and unfailingly kind, Maura is just the kind of coach I go to when I need hope and insight. Let her guide you awhile, and you'll learn how to steer your own life better than you thought possible. - Martha Beck