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About Maura

Maura Captain is a life coach, certified by Martha Beck Inc.

In addition to her work as a psychologist , Maura teaches classes, speaks to organizations, and coaches individuals & groups. Her tips have appeared in advertorials in several issues of O: The Oprah Magazine.

Maura lives in Southern California with her husband and three daughters. 

Maura is a lifelong student of human behavior and optimal living and she is here to share her notes with you. Want to know more? Here is the formal stuff.

Are you wrestling with a problem? 

Would you like to see that it's really a chance to reach levels of joy and satisfaction you've never experienced before?

Maura Captain can sail you directly from a sense of being lost or stumped to being found and free. Practical, mystical, hilarious, and unfailingly kind, Maura is just the kind of coach I go to when I need hope and insight. Let her guide you awhile, and you'll learn how to steer your own life better than you thought possible. - Martha Beck