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About Maura

Maura Captain is a life coach, certified by Martha Beck Inc., who loves to help people build the genuine confidence to pursue what matters to them. 

In addition to her work as a psychologist , Maura teaches classes, speaks to organizations, and coaches individuals & groups. Her tips have appeared in advertorials in several issues of O: The Oprah Magazine.

Maura lives in Southern California with her husband and three daughters. 

Are you wrestling with a problem? 

Would you like to see that it's really a chance to reach levels of joy and satisfaction you've never experienced before?

Maura Captain can sail you directly from a sense of being lost or stumped to being found and free. Practical, mystical, hilarious, and unfailingly kind, Maura is just the kind of coach I go to when I need hope and insight. Let her guide you awhile, and you'll learn how to steer your own life better than you thought possible. - Martha Beck