Life Tips for O Magazine

I'm always excited to receive an e-mail from O Magazine (who, by the way, seems to employ only very nice people). When the marketing director asked if I would like to write tips for a Phillips advertorial, of course I was in. The guidelines were: 5 tips on living a more fulfilling and thoughtful life. I tried to capture the most helpful advice I give clients and myself - little things that make a big impact.  If you have the November issue of O Magazine, you can scan the bar code (with a "QR code reader") to view & share the tips. Here they are ...

1. The most important question you can ask to live a fulfilling life is, what is most important to me? Who is the person I want to be? What do I want to stand for? When you figure out what you value, the parts of your life fall into place. 

2. As you go through your day, simply notice the words going through your head. Are these thoughts helping you be your best? If not, can you let them go - on balloons floating up toward the sky or waves crashing into the ocean?

3. Ground yourself in presence through your senses. Focus your attention on the sensations of a hot shower, the light in your child's eyes, the piece of chocolate in your mouth, the sound of your own breathing.

4. Let yourself feel what you feel. Resisting or distracting yourself from uncomfortable emotions is a way to get stuck. Accepting what you feel and what is going on around you is the path to positive change.

5. Practice gratitude. Even when you are struggling with a problem, say thank you because you know that you will make it through, that your deepest struggle is your greatest source of strength and confidence.

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