How To BE with People

I was just listening to The New Earth classes with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle (These classes were held over a year ago, but I have them all on my ipod and listen to them every now and then for fun. Yes, for fun). During Chapter Two's class, a mother called in and asked how to apply the lessons in this book to raising her children. One suggestion stuck with me and I want it to share it with you.

Eckhart points to the importance of being present with our children. When we are present with them, we give them our full attention and don't want anything from them. We may do this by listening to children, watching them play, giving them space to just be. Now, of course, this is type of presence is balanced with doing. Afterall, kids need to brush their teeth, eat, etc.

I think this suggestion applies to being with people of any age. How great does it feel to be with someone who doesn't want you to be doing something different, being somene else, wearing different clothes, or even feeling a different way?