Do You Believe in Magic?

I know some of you, like me, are fielding the difficult questions that come around this time of the year:

Is Santa Claus real?

How can he fit all of those toys into that sleigh?

Can you e-mail him my list?

And the latest:

Santa has been old for so long, when is he going to die?

My usual response (I'm not saying it's the right one) to the first question is: He is real as long as you believe he is.

Which reminds me of something I have told clients.

Clients have asked me how we know a thought is true. Well, a thought is true because you believe it (Hmm...I know you have to pause and think about that for a second). Now I am not talking about circumstances, which are observable facts. I am talking about thoughts in your head about those circumstances.

But, my clients, will explain, all of my friends think this or that. Yep, I say, you could line up all of your friends and strangers on the street and they may all think the same thing. But that does not mean that a thought is true for you or even useful. We all remember what happened at the tooth filing ceremony in Bali.

The truth doesn't stop being the truth just because we're not looking at it. -Marianne Williamson

So then we go to, "How does the thought make you feel?" If it feels yucky, then it's probably not true. So what does than mean? Well, you can believe what your friends believe (because we all know misery loves company) and create evidence to prove yourself right, can be happy and get what you want.

Speaking of Santa, happiness, and getting what you want...Think about something you really want this year. Go to a place of stillness and become like a child, ignoring any thoughts of what you "should" or "shouldn't" want, any messages of selfishness or impossibility. What would really make you come alive?

Perhaps what comes to mind is a bigger house, a change of scenery, time to yourself, thin thighs, an award, a promotion, a close relationship. Maybe you want to quit your job, train for a race, express your creativity, have less responsibility or even get clarity on what you really want. What speaks to your true self? What keeps popping into your mind? What dream will not be forgotten?

As you ponder this, do not think about HOW you are going to get what you want. The solution, person, or opportunity to facilitate your dream may be unknown to you right now. The familiar or well beaten path may not lead to this destination.

Not to burst your bubble, but what you came up with isn't what you really want. What you really want is the feeling you think that thing, person, or event will bring you. So think about it. If you had it, what would you feel? Just guessing, but might you feel peace? Security? Love? Joy? Comfort? Connection? Those are the usual suspects when it comes to the desires of our authentic selves.

Now, let the thought of what you want fill your mind. Sit with it, smell it, taste it, journal about it as if it's a done deal. How does it feel? Marinate in that feeling. Go there and stay there as often and for as long as you can.

What does that feeling inspire you to do? That is HOW the magic happens (as long as you believe).

External circumstances do not create feeling states. Feeling states create external circumstances. -Martha Beck

I will see it when I believe it. -Wayne Dyer

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