What You Can Do When Everything Falls Apart

So I've been feeling particularly "heavy" this weekend - not in terms of body weight, but mental weight. On Friday, our neighbor died in a car crash. Yesterday, my husband read more in the news about how uncertain his job is (architects are an endangered species in this economy). And last night, we watched "The Hurt Locker." Like I said, heavy.

So if the stresses of the world are getting to you as well, I thought I'd share something we can all do even in the midst of death, job loss, divorce, illness, war, chaos, and uncertainty.

We can keep moving in the direction of our values.

Our values are always available to us. It takes time to achieve a goal, but we can live our values moment to moment.

To clarify your values, ask yourself what is most important? Who is the person you want to be? What do you want to stand for? What do you want your life to be about?

Then ask yourself how you can honor your values in the small actions you take everyday. This morning, I actually wrote a list of the ways I can align with what's most important: be present with my husband & kids, nurture my relationships, eat well & exercise, and help people live their best lives. The amazing thing is that we are not dependent on circumstances to address what's most important to us.

Starting October 19th, I am teaching a class to help clarify and apply your values, and in the process, create a blueprint for a meaningful life. Taking valued action may mean feeling scared and uncomfortable at times, but it always means that you're living a rich, full, meaningful life. What about the fear and discomfort that come along with that? I can teach you tools to handle it.

Photo by Geoff Captain.