The Best Version of You

Each week during the past month, I met with an amazing group of people over the phone for a telecourse I called "Get To Know You." I designed the class to help people get clear on their "essential selves," their values, and their strengths in order to find direction, make life decisions and add meaning to their lives. A nice side effect of getting to know yourself is self love and acceptance. Most of the participants came to the class for clarity on career decisions, so questions and examples were geared toward work. The tools and exercises in the 17-page workbook I put together can help you figure out next steps to take in your career, relationships, parenting, or personal growth, whether you want to make a change or enrich your current life with more happiness & meaning. The material will help you align your actions with what you're naturally drawn to, where you're strongest and what matters most to you. When you do that, you get to be the best version of you, and you no longer need to be a version of anyone else.

So that more people can access this information, I've packaged the mp3s recordings of the classes (5+ hours), a long list of resources, and a 17-page workbook. You can purchase now: Add to Cart

Don't miss this invitation to become you.