The Year of Doing Less & Living More

It's that time of the year when we reflect on the closing year and look ahead to the new year - what goals we want to reach, what changes we want to make, where we want to be a year from now. I love this stuff - new beginnings and change - but I feel like there's this pressure to decide right now, quick, before the clock strikes midnight, what we will work on, where our focus will be, as if it will be too late to become the people we want to be if we wait to start until, say, February 6th.

I have been putting this pressure on myself, wondering where in my schedule I will fit the yoga I want to do twice a week, thinking about where I want to go with my business, how I can be useful to all of you, what to focus on in my newsletters.

Then it hit me that I want to focus on doing less and living more. Living more...fully, completely, authentically, fearlessly, a way that's engaged with life, even a messy, imperfect, uncertain life (as all lives are, right?).

How to live more and do less? I am glad you asked because I have been thinking about this.

One of the keys is to do less of the things that get in the way of living this way, thereby freeing up time and energy to do what is most important to you. The things that get in the way may not be so obvious because they have become so ingrained in our ways of thinking & living. They include habits of mind, like believing  we can control what other people think about us, comparing ourselves to real and photoshopped others, mentally streaming the "shoulds,"  "shouldn'ts" and "supposed to"s, repeating that pesky word,  "enough" (According to our minds, we are never doing enough, being enough, exercising enough, eating enough green leafies,  sleeping enough, having enough time, making enough money...). They are the thoughts that we need certainty and control for everything to work out, and that we need everything to work out to prove we are worthy of love and acceptance. They are the thoughts and habits that feed perfectionism that overlap with the actions we take to avoid feeling our uncomfortable feelings - staying busy, eating, seeking approval, cleaning, shopping, checking e-mail, lingering online - that end up numbing us to the comfy feelings, too.

All of this judgment, resistance, subtle irritation and mental tug of war saps our energy and gets in the way of living and engaging authentically.

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. - Marianne Williamson

So this year, I'd like to help you re-organize your patterns of thought & action to reflect your true self and what is most important to you to fuel your joy, energy, meaning and success. And I will be experimenting & practicing right along with you.

Cheers to removing the blocks to full out living and uncovering the beauty & riches already there!

Happy New Year!



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