How To Have a Fit Mind

How would you like to be psychologically healthier and more flexible? That is, how would you like to be in the present moment, open to your experience, and able to take action toward what is most important to you, while handling life's problems & challenges more effectively?

I've designed a series of tele-classes based on my training as a Martha Beck coach, my experience coaching clients, and the research and techniques of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I use these tools in my own life and I'm excited to share them because I believe they are useful to everyone. The first two classes in this series (Clear Mind Clutter and Clear Emotional Clutter) are held this week and next (February 24th and March 3rd). The classes will help you identify and detach from unhelpful thoughts and accept difficult feelings so that the thoughts and feelings have less impact on you. So you can live your life with more freedom from fear, doubt, stress and anxiety. So you can take steps in a direction that is important to you, that fills your life with meaning and purpose.

The cost for each class is $20 or you can join both classes for only $30. Sign up here.

I hope to see you in class!

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