Tired or Overwhelmed? Try This.

Do you notice what your mind says upon waking in the morning?

I do.

It goes like this:


(Then it calculates the number of hours before I can sleep again and runs through all of the tasks in between). Sigh.

But let’s go back to: I AM TIRED!

Joel Olsteen points out the power of “I am:” Whatever follows “I am” will determine your experience. You are inviting it into your life.

Here are two ways to handle such unhelpful thoughts:

  1. Replace the thought.

Now if you’re feeling tired, your mind isn’t going to buy a replacement thought like “I am energetic.” But how about “I can handle this;” “I am going to feel so much better after I shower.” Or the best thought, “Coffee is ready!”

2. Preface the thought with I am having the thought that…

This gives you some space from the thought so that it doesn’t take over your whole person. ‘I’m having the thought that I’m tired.” Even more space: I notice that I’m having the thought that I’m tired.:” It takes a bit of the sting out the thought, right?

“I’m so overwhelmed” becomes “I am having the thought that I am so overwhelmed.” Instead of “I’m stressed,” try, “I’m having the thought that I’m stressed” or “My mind is telling me stressful thoughts.”

Of course you can use these strategies any time of the day when you notice you’re mind saying “I am… (insert deflating, unhelpful adjective or noun).”