Is your spouse having doubts, “leaning out,” or unsure of your future together? Don’t know what to do?

You are going through a difficult time, perhaps the hardest in your life. You may feel blindsided and confused. The pain seems intolerable. You don’t know how to handle yourself, let alone your spouse and the rest of your life. Let me guide you through steps you can take (without your spouse’s cooperation) to give you the best chance of saving your marriage. I will help you take care of you.

You will learn how to:

  • Handle your intense emotions

  • Get some space from the difficult thoughts that keep your distracted from your life and awake at night

  • Care for yourself

  • Clarify what your really want

  • Act toward your spouse so that you have the best chance of saving your marriage

I suggest that you schedule an initial session with me, then consider a package with e-mail support in between sessions. An initial 50-minute session is $107. A package of 3 weekly sessions with e-mail support in between is $297.

E-mail to get started. Let’s get you through this.

My time spent with Maura has taught me skills and given me tools which I truly use on a daily basis. I have learned how to take a step back from what is happening in my life, use what she has taught me and either make better or different choices for myself or see the situation in a way that has brought me more peace and given me opportunities for experiencing so much more joy. I often say that Maura saved my marriage when she gave me the skill of viewing others’ reactions and actions at a distance instead of making others’ behavior mean something about me. This new way of thinking has prevented so many fights! -Michelle, 37, Surgical Sales Representative