Coaching Packages

In addition to individual coaching sessions, I offer two packages to meet my clients’ needs.

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Relationship Relief

Are you feeling stuck in a relationship not knowing what to do next? This package is one 90-minute session (over the phone) to conceptualize your problem, practice handling your difficult emotions and develop an action plan, followed by a 30-minute follow-up session.

Don’t continue to sit in a puddle of anxiety. Let’s get you some relief. To sign up, e-mail

Investment: $179


Relationship Raise

Are you in a relationship that is ok? But you would like to make it better? Would you like to hold your yourself to a higher standard in your relationship? This package of three 50-minute sessions is designed to help you optimize your relationship.

Don’t miss the chance to give honest reflection and gain new tools to make your relationship even better. To sign up, e-mail maura@blueprintlifedesign,com

Investment: $259